Coolhunt 1: Sensor that measures your lifestyle

Sensor in je gebit monitort je levensstijlCheng-Yuan Li, Yen-Chang Chen, Wei-Yu Chen, Polly Huang en Hoa-hua Chu of the faculty “Computer Sciende and Information Engineering”of the National Taiwan University have developed a tiny sensor who registers the movement of your jaws. The sensor fits in your denture because it is only one millimetre big. Movements like eating, talking, drinking and smoking are recognised and saved on the sensor. You can send the saved information with Bluetooth to your smartphone, this way a program or a doctor can get excess to  your personal information about your lifestyle and can give you some tips about a heathier life.SENSOR

I think this sensor is an awesome invention. Nowadays there are more and more people who are engaged in making there life healthier. People want to life as good an healthiest as possible. This sensor can help with that. I think this can become a huge hit and that a lot of people will buy a sensor like this. The only thing that could stop them from buying one is that it has to go in your denture and not everyone has a denture of course.

If the sensor get developed more, so not only people with a denture can have them, I think it is recommended.

If you want to know more about the app you can visit a lot of sites because they are all fascinated by it.



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