Coolhunt 2: Super thin sensor that measures your temperture.

PSFK Picks: Top Five Health Innovations Of The WeekThis is a super thin sensor that is glued on your skin with a special glue. It is designed by some scientists at the university of Ullinois. The sensor can always check your temperature at the same spot wich makes it very reliable. It is very cheap to make and it works as well as a expensive thermal camera.22

The thermometer is very handy to measure the health of people who suffer from heart and vascular disease.

Because this sensor works so well scientists are trying to make equal inventions like this. Probably these sensors could also be placed on an organ and measure the health from the inside of the body.

This sensor seems usefull. This way you can always measure your temperature. If it is gonna be developed well and it is accessible for everyone then it is a very good invention.

Also I would take a sensor like this and I think it is a real recommended.



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