Coolhunt 3: Tikker.

Tikker: Een horloge dat aftelt tot je doodNowadays are smartwatches a big hit. Now there is a total new kind of smartwatch, it is called Tikker. This is a different kind of watch, it is called the death watch. The watch counts down the time that you have left. By means of a guide that you get when you buy the watch, you can find out what the exact time is that you have to life. You can enter the time in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds in the watch and then you will be remembered by the time you have left every moment.


The idea behind this watch is that when people know how long they have to life, they would give more value to their lifes.


The watch is en new kind of smartwatch, if you look at it like this it is a pretty good idea. you would appreciate life more and look at it in a different way. Still it is a bit lugubrious but it could also be a huge hit because of this. I mean everyone is curious about how long they have to live. So am I.



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