Coolhunt 4: Instaglasses

Maak toffe foto’s met de Instagrambril (concept)The instagram filters are so pretty that we should have those in our real life. Markus Gerke thought the same thing and invented the Instaglasses. The instaglasses is a new concept by Instagram.

With these glasses you can see your whole life through the Instagram filters and when you see a pretty moment that you want to take a picture off, you can press the button on the glasses an you can make your picture. After you have made your picture you can upload it on Instagram and share it with your friends.


The instaglasses is innovatory and gives you a different eye on life. It has potentional for the future because it can make everyone’s life a lot nicer. Literally with this glasses.


Unfortunately it is still a concept and we only are gonna have Instagram for a whole lot longer, but when the Instaglasses is there I will be, and with me a lot more people, would wait in line to by the Instaglasses.




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