Coolhunt 6: Treehotel



What it is.

Treehotel is an hotel in Sweden. Not just in a city but right in the woods. It offers a unique experience. The idea behind this hotel is to offer a high-standard accommodation in a harmonious place where daily stress melts away. Treehotel is a place where guests can relax and enjoy the nature. In this concept ecological values are very important.
There are seven different rooms in this hotel. There is an mirror cube room, this room is full with mirrors at the outside of the room and with this mirrors it is almost invisible. There is also an UFO room.


Why it is cool.

The Treehotel is cool because it is a new sort of hotel. It is focussed on the experience of the guest. For a lot of different people there are different rooms. If you like an ufo you can stay in the UFO room.
This Treehotel is amazing for the people who like nature. It offers a unique experience. The rooms give people a warm and cozy feeling. Because of the contemporary design the hotel creates a unique dimension for a guest.


Why it has grown potential.

Treehotel is different from other hotels and that is what the people want nowadays. They want to go to an hotel where the experience is not like an usual hotel. It also looks very good and you’re in the middle of nature. Nowadays people are a lot more interested in ecologic and nature. This is also a good thing for Treehotel.


So when you are in Sweden, you must go to this hotel for this amazing experience. I want to go to this hotel myself once, because I think it would me a memorable experience.

For more info check the link below:


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