Coolhunt 7: Conservatorium Hotel

Conservatorium Hotel.


What it is.

This Conservatorium Hotel is in Amsterdam and it is not a normal hotel. It is said that it is a vacation in a vacation. The hotel has the natural untroubled vibe that is so characteristic for the Dutch. The hotel is totally zen. The hotel is designed by Piero Lissoni and he wanted to make the hotel a comfortable, elegant and luxurious hotel and that definitely worked out. The main floor of the hotel is very special and draws your attention immediately. It has so much light during the day. The area inside is built with glass and dark ironwork. This makes it very elegant.


Why it is cool.

I think the Conservatorium Hotel is cool because it shows the lifestyle of the Dutch. A lot of people like luxury and the Conservatorium gives that luxury to their guests. It offers an unique and luxury experience.

Why it has grown potential.

Tourists are in need of a luxury experience nowadays and the Conservatorium Hotel gives that. This hotel is still in the middle of the city that makes it attractive because people want to stay close to the city where they are. This hotel is in a fase where authenticity is very important. You can see that at the looks of the hotel and what It radiates.


If you want to visit this hotel, click on the link below where you can find more information.


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