My experience: A night with Mars

A night with Mars

Last night I went to Amsterdam for a concert. The concert was held in the Ziggo Dome. I went to Amsterdam at 3 pm so I had to wait an hour and a half outside before the doors opened. When the doors were open we immediately ran off to the room. The first thing I thought was that the room was very small. I imagined it to be much bigger. After another hour of waiting it started with a band to warm the audience up. This band was You Me At Six. I didn’t know the band but they were very good. The singer had a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of energy. He even wanted us to stage dive meanwhile this is forbidden. He also wanted us to put our lighters in the air. That was an amazing moment, the whole Ziggo Dome was a sea of lights. When You Me At Six was done we had to wait again. There came a huge cloth hanging down with the traid of Mars on it.

image1 image3

Unfortunately 30 Seconds to Mars came an half hour to late but that didn’t matter anymore when they started the show. The stage was so amazing. There were hanging some screens at the sealing and Jared was on the middle screen. From the screens there was another cloth, but this one was a little bit see through. Trough the cloth you could see Tomo and Shannon already. Meanwhile this al happened, the song Birth was played. After the first singing part Jared came down with the screen and the cloth fell down. Jared had a sort of a hockey mask and a black fur gilet. After this intro Jared did his gilet and mask of and Night of the Hunter started. With this song Jared wanted us already to sit down and jump when he count to 3. Also there came some colored balloons fell down. There was even already some confetti flying through the air. So already the first song was en huge spectacle. After Night of The Hunter, Search & Destroy was played and as always it was very good. When this song was done, they started to play Do or Die and while playing the song Jared always picks a flag up from the country were he is, so no different from always Jared danced with the Dutch flag.

image6 image4

When the machine for End of All days was broken, Jared stepped on the catwalk and made a little chat with us to fill the time. I think that End of All Days was one of the best live songs of the night because Jareds voice with this song is very good. After End of All Days, Jared asked us to put our cell phones or lighters in the air and they started to play City of Angels. This is also one of my favourite song. After this song there was a little pause. There came 2 acrobats on the stage and did some tricks for us. After this pause Jared came alone on the stage with his acoustic guitar and sad to us that we could name a song and that he would play it. So he played a piece of King and Queens, the Kill, From Yesterday and some more songs. This was very nice and his voice sounded so good oh my god.

image image2

When Jareds acoustic part was over they played Closer to the Edge. Of course there came a lot of white confetti falling down while this song was played. After this song Tomo, Shannon and Jared went of the stage. Some people thought that the show was over but I knew better. I mean they hadn’t even played Up in The Air yet and I knew that that is the last song they play.

The guys all came back on the stage and they played Kings and Queens. The last song was Up in The Air. Jared wanted some people to go up on the stage. When he said this everyone got crazy and because I stood in the front line I got crushed together. But I almost touched Jared so it was worth it.

image5 image7

This was definitely a memorable experience and overall it was one of the best nights of my life. They made my expectations come true. I can’t wait for them to come back to Holland for a concert.


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