Coolhunt 10: World View

World View.

What it is:

World View is a balloon flight to space. In 2016 you can go in a capsule to space. You can float through space for two hours. After this time the capsule disconnects from the balloon and you slowly float back to earth. This journey to space costs 75.000 dollars.

World View: ballonvlucht naar de ruimte

Why it is cool:

World View is cool because a lot of people want to go to space and with World View they can. And not for a long time but just for two hours. It definitely responds to an experience. The only thing that does not sound good is the price you have to pay for two hours in space.

Why it has future growth potential:

World View has future growth potential because space is upcoming.  A lot more “normal” people can go to space in a couple of years and World View gives it a different twist, you do not go to space with a rocket but with a balloon.



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