Coolhunt 9: The Manta Underwater Room

The Manta Underwater Room

Wat zul je hier lekker slapen! Een onderwater-kamer in de Indische Oceaan

What it is:

The Manta Underwater Room is a room at The Manta Resort. It is a private floating island in the ocean. Your bedroom is four meters below the surface. It also has a top deck where you can lounge and sunbath. The living room, bathroom and dining room are at the middle floor with a great view over the ocean and you sleep underwater so you can enjoy a tropical marine environment.

Why it is cool:

The Manta Underwater Room is cool because it responds to a great experience. This underwater room is amazing for people who are curious about the underwater world.


Why it has future growth potential:

The Manta Underwater Room creates a whole new world that is partly underwater and partly above water. People who are going to this room want to experience a new world.



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