Coolhunt 12: photoshopping.

During the Golden Globes, L’Oréal once again show us how much there is not photoshopped in advertising campaigns. L’Oreal showed where advertising was seen Deane Keaton. This advertisement was shown after Deane was seen in person on stage.

The advertisement was about an anti wrinkle cream and it was quite clear to see that Deane in advertising had significantly fewer wrinkles than normal. Her skin was smooth photoshopped.
L’Oreal wants this advertising course as an example for the older woman. They want to show how the woman can see them using their anti wrinkle cream out. Well Only the image that is scooped is not realistic.

Because there image they are creating women insecure about their appearance and they will continue to spend more money on expensive beauty products, but these products do not give the result what is showing on the advertising.
So we have actually commercials as an example? No! But this does happen. How women look like in commercials, so we’ll also look. This is not only completely realistic.


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