Coolhunt 11: Woman and datingsites.

Woman are getting more critical every day while looking for the perfect men. But unfortunately we can’t find this man, because the woman interprets the feeling wrong.
Women are increasingly inclined to follow their feelings. But when they do, it often goes wrong. Only the feeling is not enough anymore. The woman keeps wanting more and more. We all want our love life to look like a movie. But in reality it doesn’t go near that. The perfect men doesn’t excist. Woman are looking for that men on datingsites. But they can’t find him anywhere.

Women get more critical, not only towards themselfs but also towards men. This is because women are increasingly demanding on themselves and also on their partners.

Men are throwing it on a different tack. So there are a lot of men ads in magazines. There is a nice piece written and women offer themselves to go along on date. This is obviously a lot easier than the perfect man looking at a dating site.
Thus, all articles are written with tips to distinguish them from the less pleasant man. Genuine nice guys on the Internet.


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