Coolhunt 14: The “perfect” vagina.

Society want that woman are perfect. So woman nowadays are getting more critical at themselfs. You could already had read about this in one of my last blogs, were I was talking about woman and datingsites. But woman do not only get critical in this area. Woman want their body to be perfect, especially their vaginas.

Men want their woman to have a “perfect” vagina. Just like it is in a porn movie. But the fact is, woman don’t have that “perfect” vagina. There is always a part of their vagina that woman are insecure off.

A huge trend because of the insecurity is a labia correction. Woman nowadays are already going to the plastic surgery a lot, but now they have found something else to “fix”. At least, they fink that they fix their vaginas. But actually they don’t. And I am not the only one who thinks that.

An artist, who I don’t remember his name anymore, thinks it is nonsense that woman are insecure about their vaginas. So he made an exposition about the “perfect” vagina. In this exposition you can see a lot of different vaginas. From the perfect porn vagina, too an “ugly” vagina. It are al statues made from clay. With this exposition, this artist wants to show, that every woman has a perfect vagina and that everyone should be happy with it.


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