Coolhunt 15: The tough men.

Men nowadays are having the feeling that woman control the world. As a woman I agree with that of course haha. But men get the feeling that they live in a feminized society. This is because the metrosexual men has came. Since the metrosexual men, woma expect from men that they are caring and feminine. Men can’t be tough anymore, they need to be sweet and caring. And especially need to take care for the childeren. Because of this all, men will lose there masculinity.

Because men are losing their masculinity more and more nowadays, their is a challenge created for tough men. Or at least for men who think they are tough and manly.

This challenge already excist for a couple of years, but it is becoming a bigger hype. The challenge is a run thourgh the forrest and has a lenght of twelve kilometers. It is a nice survival day for tough men.

With this challenge men are allowed to show their currage every now and then. The challenge is held every year, so men get one day a year to show their manliness. I my opinion enough, as who doesn’t like it that men are feeling that woman control the world and that they aren’t that manly anymore. How Beyonce says it: Who run the world…. GIRLS 🙂


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