Coolhunt 16: Future Food: De culinaire Werkplaats.

This is going to be my first coolhunt for the block food.


“De culinaire Werkplaats”

What it is:

“De culinaire Werkplaats” is an exposition that takes place in Amsterdam between March and April. Promoters Marjolein Wintjes and Eric Meursing have thought this exposition to make people conscious of what they eat and to make them conscious of their health.

“De culinaire Werkplaats” is actually a studio with inspiring food concepts. It uses different kind of inspirantion sources like honesty and emotions. Also it has a restaurant where you can enjoy a true “eat-inspiration.”

“De culinaire Werkplaats” wants to show people how our food is going to look in the future. Fish and meat aren’t going to play a big role in our food. So there is going to be some space for new ingredients and new ways of food that we do not know.

Why it is cool:

“De culinaire Werkplaats” is cool because it makes the visitors conscious of the food of the future. People also want to get inspired to change their own food pattern. This also has to do with transparency because “De culinaire Werkplaats” gives a look in different ways of food and certain ingredients. When we buy food in the supermarket, we do not  see any of this. If you go to this exposition you get to see this though. It gives a great look into the future.




Why it has future growth potentional:

“De culinaire Werkplaats” has a great growth potentional because it is future-oriented. This exposition will finally end but what they show at the exposition is what we will see in the future and is what will actually happen in the future. We will eat less fish and meat because we cannot do that anymore, there are at any given time no opportunities for that. If this is true then the new ingredients and ways of food will really come to their right.




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