Coolhunt 18: SUMM.

My last coolhunt for today is going about SUMM.

What it is:

SUMM is a sweet and snack were range in Holland. The products from SUMM 100% biological en are made of as many fair trade products. They want to improve the world with their fair trade food, farmers get the right and fair price for their products and the consumer gets a good product. You can order the products that you want online. SUMM lets there costumers see everything about there products, how it is made, who has made it etcetera.


SUMM is honest and pure. They say that everything is made with care and love and that you can taste that.

Why it is cool:

SUMM is cool because people think biological food is marvellous. With biological food they get the feeling that they are helping the world and the environment. It is a trend right know to be conscious about what is happening in the food industry.  SUMM is transparent. You can see that in everything. In the origin of the products and the ingredients that they use.

Why it has future growth potential:

SUMM has future growth potential because, I have already mentioned it a bit in my other blogs but if we continue this way with the food industry we won’t be having food forever.  Because people get more conscious, that happens through the news and stuff like that, they want to change the food industry. There are a lot of businesses like SUMM and because people get more conscious these kind of businesses will get a great future.



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