Coolhunt 17: Tellspec.

My second coolhunt will be about Tellspec



What it is:

Tellspec is a device with which you can measure the quantity of calories and it can measure what kind of ingredients are exactly in your food.  A lot of food  contains chemicals and things you do not want to have in your food. With Tellspec you can see what is exactly in your food.

With the Tellspec you can scan your food and after that the results will be send immediately to your smartphone, computer of tablet so you can see the results of the scan right away. At the site of Tellspec there is a blog where you can find different kind of articles about what there is in your food.


Why it is cool:

Tellspec is cool because there are more and more people are engaged with what they exactly eat, so how many calories they eat and they are also more engaged with what is in their food. People have the need for this transparency, they want to be involved with what they exactly eat. The human gets more conscious about what food does to your body and what it does to the environment. This also comes because nowadays there are more and more news messages about what we really eat.

With Tellspec people can do this themselves if they want. This wat thet can see what they eat and the can decide for themselves if they want to eat that food.


Why it has future growth potential:

Tellspec has a future growth potentional because we will see in the future more and more that people get more conscious about what they do or do not eat and they want to change this more and more. If we continue the way we do then there will be nothing left on the earth to eat and people know this. They want to change this. In the future it will happen more that people want to know what they eat and they want to change this if they do not agree with it.




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