Coolhunt 19: McTransparency.

My next coolhunt for block food is going to be about Macdonalds.

McDonalds is lately very much concerned with transparency. They want to show us how it goes in McDonalds  at different kind of areas.


What it is:

First of all I found a film of the McDonalds in which marketing director Hope Bagozzi answers a viewers question. She shows to the viewers how it is that the burgers on the advertisement look different from the burgers you buy at a McDonalds restaurant.

We all know that there is a difference between these two burgers. What now can be seen from this film is that the hamburger at the advertisement looks different because it is totally skewed constructed so that all the ingredients are clearly visible.


Also I have found a film in which McDonalds’ manager supplies chain off Canada Scott Gibson shows us how French Fries are made. The film shows how it goes from farmer to restaurant. There are a lot of rumours about the French Fries, that they aren’t even made from potatoes at all. But with this film McDonalds shows us that they don’t have anything to hide.

Last of all McDonalds also has created an app in which you can see where all the food that McDonalds uses comes from and you can see what happens with it. By means of a GPS-system the app can see in which restaurant you are eating and where it literally comes from. The app can figure out the exact ingredients that are in your food.



Why it is cool:

McDonalds is one of the fast food restaurants that is getting criticized constantly about where there food comes from and what is in the food. By means of these films and the app McDonalds shows to their costumers that they don’t have to worry and that there is nothing wrong with McDonalds’ food. People are having more and more the need to this kind of transparency. You can see that other fast food restaurants haven’t done this yet and McDonalds is an innovator in this field. Other fast food restaurants are definitely going to follow McDonalds example.


Why it has future growth potential:

This kind of transparency to the costumers has a future growth potential because costumers have more and more the need to this transparency. This is a reason for them to still go to a fast food restaurant. Through the media we get more and more thing to see and hear about how it would go in these kind of fast food restaurants. As a result of this people do not want to eat at a fast food restaurant a lot. Because McDonalds shows us how it does go, the costumers keep coming to McDonalds. Other companies will be doing the same thing eventually so they can keep their costumers because the costumer wants food that is fair and real.



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