Am I cool already?

This post is special because it is a self-reflection about my cool hunting process.

Half a year ago I started with cool hunting for school. At the beginning I thought this was going to be very easy. But actually it’s not. It is very difficult and I still think it is. I think I am doing a better job right now then that was I the beginning. Especially with block food, I think it is going better now.

I still think it is difficult for me to write my blog in English. First I wrote my blogs in Dutch and translate it into English but now I am writing in English from the beginning. That is already a step forward I think.

Of course I have my weak and strong point. I always can think of more weak points than strong points but this way I can work on my weak points more.

My weak point: I get bored very quickly and when I see some coolhunts online I think a lot that coolhunts are not good enough, but then I look further and do not see anything better but then I haven’t stocked the link of the past coolhunt I found. This is something I need to work at a little more. Also I think that not all my past coolhunts are the best, with some coolhunts I could have enlighten it better.

My strong point: I can set my personal feelings aside with my coolhunts. I do not agree with every coolhunt I have written but I can amplify them without my thoughts about it.


I also have some sort of a “roadmap” for my cool hunting process.

1: first I start with the subjects for my coolhunts. We get this subjects in class. They are mostly going about the DESTEP. When I start with my blogs I always check the powerpoint with the subjects and tips from the teacher, this makes it a little bit easier for me to look for some coolhunts.

2: secondly I look at some of my favorite sites for some coolhunts. I check a lot of sites before I start writing my blog.

3: third of all when I have found a coolhunt that I want to post on my blog I read the whole article of site before I start writing. As I already have said I first wrote my blogs in Dutch. After that I wrote it in Dutch I always translate it. But this takes a lot of my time and is harder than writing in English immediately. Right now I have wrote 3 to 4 blogs in English. Including this one.

4: fourthly I always read my blogpost before I put it online on my blog. Usually I don’t change anything of my posts but it is always good to read it through.

5: lastly I look for some images that go with my post. Mostly the images I find are from the site where I have found my coolhunt, this because I think that images of the site fits the best with the coolhunts.


I really hope that you like to read my blog and I can not wait to put some more coolhunts online.

Love Jill



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