Coolhunt 20: The Greenhouse.

This is already going to be my last blogpost for block food. This coolhunt is a bit different from the last four coolhunts. This coolhunt is about The Greenhouse at Henry Ford West Bloomfield.


What it is:

This Greenhouse is not a normal greenhouse, it is placed right next to the Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital. The Greenhouse is there with a reason for the patients. This way the patients will get the healthiest food they can get. Also the entire neighbourhood can use The Greenhouse.

The Greenhouse is not only there for healthy food but it is also there to make the people in the neighbourhood conscious of what food has for importance for healthiness and hailing of a body. They show this to people for example by workshops, fieldtrips, seasonal farmer’s market and gardening classes.


Why it is cool:

The Greenhouse is cool because it is happened for the first time that there is Greenhouse next to an hospital and that food gets linked to the healthiness of the patients.

People live more and more healthier and like to grow their one food. It is a nice learning process to live your life a better way


Why it has future growth potential:

With The Greenhouse the inventors want to show to the neighbourhood by The Greenhouse how healthy food can contribute to quality of life. They can for example learn children about healthy food and obesity. Healthy food can contribute quality of life and can make sure people get to live longer.




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