Dennis & Jack’s nature city.

In my second coolhunt of this period I am also going to talk about the future city and I will use storytelling again because I like it very much.

It is 2050, the world is completely different from how it was in 2014. In this city lives Jack, when he looks through the window on the early morning he can see the whole city. Across the street there is a house which is made from mould. The house is made of corn waste and mycelia. The hyphae that is created from this intertwine so that there is a brick created. When these bricks are stacked on top of each other and they get some sun, then they will grow attached to each other.

When Jack continues to look outside he sees the front door open across the street. His neighbour Dennis walks out the door. Jack calls out of the window and asks where Dennis is going. Dennis answers that he is going for a walk because he just had some new shoes. They are new “living” shoes. Dennis’ shoes are made of protocells, these cells do not life by themselves but they are combined with living creatures. Because of this combination the shoe can change. Dennis likes to walk through the woods, but first he has to walk a bit over the asphalt. As soon as he walks on the sand path in the forest the shape and the sole of the shoe changes so it is easier to walk on.


Dennis rushes of and Jack keeps looking out of the window for a while. He always thinks it is interesting to look outside. The world looks so fascinating. Jack has read a lot about how the world used to look and has always been curious how it would be. He can’t image it at all.

The city where Jack and Dennis live in is full of trees and plants. It looks a bit like how we know it from the Avatar movie. Outside there are some special plants, these plants give light. They are used as street lights. These plants give light because genetic manipulation is used. These plants are also used in the mould houses.


Jack keeps staring outside and sees the sun coming up. He wishes he could do this every day. Then Dennis comes walking back, with his “living” shoes. Jack jokes a bit around before Dennis walks back in the door and put his shoes in their special pot with liquid food so they can recover for the next day.

In the future there will be a lot of creations out of the nature and from genetic manipulation. This is a lot better for the environment. In the future we all get more conscious about the environment and we also like it more to be busy with it. It will become a fascinating adventure like Jack also thinks. He enjoys every day of how the earth will be and what we are all going to do on it. But that won’t happen if we continue like this. Because of what happens know people get more conscious. Everything keeps getting more modern and there is used more technology. This is a counter-reaction at all those modern things. We are going to live more conscious with nature and we will use the nature to live





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