future living area’s

For my third coolhunt I am not going to use storytelling, though I like it a lot I decided to do this coolhunt a little bit differently. I will show you some ways to live in the future.

First of all an apartment complex in a bridge. In some countries like Italy you have these beautiful bridges between the mountains. A lot of these bridges are not used anymore. These bridges has some large poles and in this poles they made the apartments. On top of the bridge there is room for a shopping centre and a city centre.


As a second living environment there is the Sub-Biosphere 2. This is a living area that finds place under water. There can also live animals, plants and humans for a long time. The Sub-Biosphere 2 consists of eight domes where you can live in. Also the Sub-Biosphere 2 is available to give enough water, oxygen, power and food while it is under water.

Last of all there is the Sand Babel. The Sand Babel is a skyscraper especially for in the desert. The tower is printed by a 3D printer and is printed of desert sand. For the shape the designer has let himself get inspired by a termite nest. This is because the form a natural variant of heat regulation. By differential temperature lumbar in the Tower creates air currents. This is of course useful in a desert. To create stream there are large solar panels on the roof. There is also water vapor absorbed by the large roof to the people of drinking water.


These are all new ways to people of a different living environment. The population grows ever more and when we want to make sure that everyone has a home in the future then we will have to come up with other solutions. Thus, Sand B a good example, in the desert, there are not many opportunities to build homes and in this way we can offer a home a large part of the population that otherwise they will not have.

This will improve quality of life for people. When you look at the Felce & Perry model you can see that it will improve developments and activities. The living space is for people very important. When you are happy in your lving area, you are happy in general.







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