Jade’s future city

This period I am going to talk about the future city with sustainability. In this post I will tell with a little storytelling about Jade’s city.


Jade gets her Air-Purifying Bike from the bicycle rack. It is time to go home. Jade is tired from her day and is happy that her Air-Purifying Bike is electric. The solar panels that are constructed on the front side of the bike make sure that the bike gets charged. With this solar panels there is also made some extra oxygen that works good against air pollution and smog.

Jade rides with her brand new Air-Purifying Bike to the bike path. She had to ride along a log slope what doesn’t go so fast with her pretty bike. When she arrives at the “bicycle highway”, she sees that it is busy on the road. It’s rush hour. It doesn’t bother Jade much because from this path the view is amazing. She can see the almost the whole city. Also she can see the trains that are riding under this marvellous path. Jade always needs to pay attention when she had to leave the path because there are so much on and off-ramps.


At the last moment Jade sees her exit and she needs to take a short bend to the right wherefore she almost collides against someone who is riding very fast. The man shouts angry that she needs to look out and Jade cycles quickly to the exit.

When she gets off the “Bicycle highway” Jade had to ride some time through the woods.  It is so that there are nog houses in the city, these are almost all in the forest so, in spite of the futuristic and modern city, people can still find their rest at their houses.

At the road where Jade always rides there are some special water towers who have to water the ground extra if it is to dry. They also have to put out fires when there are some fires.

Jade sees one of the water towers which is on. Jade, so curious as she is, differs from the path and decides to take a look. Actually she is not allowed to go near the water towers because it might happen that the drones get confused, but she does it anyway. These “robot kind of device” are meant to water a fire. Jade rides through the trees and leafs and she slowly comes closer to the towers when she suddenly stops. Jade looks with large eyes to one of the water towers, she has never seen one from so close.


Jade’s city is cool because:

The city that Jade lives in is cool because, people in the city are very busy with taking care that the earth does not gets destroyed. Before this city existed there were already some people who were conscious of what is happening with the world. People nowadays do get more conscious and they think this is very important to make sure that the world does not get destroyed.

Why this city has future growth potential.

People who live in this city are conscious of what the last residents did to the planet and what did go wrong. To make sure that their children can still live a nice life on this planet people are trying to change their manner of living among other things like the Air-Purifying Bike.






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