Sports in the future.

This is going to be my second to last coolhunt for this period Human Movement. In this post I will discuss some things that will make sport in the future easier, more fun, more convenient and faster.


First of all the Bike Washing Machine. This home trainer is not just a home trainer. It is a home trainer that washes your laundry when you are cycling on it. This makes sure that you get extra motivated to exercise because you get result straight away: your laundry gets washed and you save a lot of power this way.


Secondly Alex Diener has designed a super handy shoe store of the future. At this store you buy your personal designed and 3D-printed shoe. After walking around with the test shoe, your special shoe will be printed for you. The shoes can even be designed so that you can run faster with them.


Thirdly Signal Snowboards has designed a special snowboard. They came up with a snowboard that heats itself so you can get faster of the piste. For this snowboard they used a super thin material that you can heat with a battery. As a result the snowboard gets heated with more than 50 degrees Celsius.

A lot of people think it is very important to be busy with sports and their health. We all want to make sure that we look good and in the future this will still be this way. Things like the Bike Washing Machine stimulate people to get more exercise, they get something in return. Also you can see that technology gets more used with sports. By this technology it gets easier for us to get some extra exercise.

This will improve quality of life at some different areas, when you look at the quality of life model of Felce & Perry you see that the physical wellbeing and the emotional wellbeing gets improved. The physical wellbeing on the basis of fitness and health. These technology things are there eventually to make sure that people get more exercise and pay more attention to their body and health. But is also improves emotional wellbeing. This because sport and a health body keep your self-esteem high and sport usually gives a satisfaction and makes sure that you are happy about yourself.




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