Travelling in the future.

This is my final coolhunt for this period and for this school year. I am going to discuss some ways of transport of the future. This time I chose for 4 signals instead of 3. Some signals are faster executable than others and I think that is just fun.


First of all a self-driving car made by Google. As we all know Google is busy with this for quite some years now. The self-driving car is already developed and at this moment it is tested in a city. The car has to be able to react properly to a lot of traffic situations and because of that it thoroughly tested and the developers will  keep going with this until the system is completely perfect.

Secondly Audi has designed a new car: the Audi Genesis, this car prints itself before you can use it. When you order this Audi you will get a huge package send to your house. The purpose of this is that you can fill in some data and as a result of this data your car gets printed.

My third signal is the Hyperloop. This new means of transportation gets shot into an aluminium wagon with a speed of 1287 kilometres per hour. With this speed the Hyperloop can, instead of the usually 7/8 hours with the car, move 600 kilometres in 30 minutes between San Francisco and Los Angeles. This speed is achieved because the wagons float on air-pillows thanks to electromagnets. The electromotor that powers the wagons gets its energy from the sun panels that are constructed on the top of the tube of the Hyperloop.


Last of all Marc Newson has designed something that I personally really like! A portable jet pack! He called it the Body Jet. It is a suit that is made of carbon fiber and it is controllable by means of a gyroscopic system. With the body jet you can fly for 60 minutes.


There are becoming more technological developments done in the field of transport. This happened because everyone always wants to transport from A to B faster. Probably  in the future there will be even more of this kind of developments. Because we shall never be able to transport fast enough.

These developments will also contribute to quality of life. Of course it’s good for the material wellbeing. The transport gets more and more improved. This also ensures that our emotional wellbeing is growing. It gives us satisfaction.




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